Who are the 10 Niki and what is their origin? What is your job (occupation) in your profile such as age and height?

Do you like the “10 Niki” that became a hot topic during the Breaking Down audition?

In his first appearance, he tells an astonishing story of bravery, and Mirai Asakura says, “You’re the strongest!”

The story of his heroism is that he took on 10 people with weapons and beat them all up by himself.

Of course, if that’s true, that would be the best!

This time, I have researched Daisuke Suzuki, also known as 10 Niki, and would like to introduce him to you.

This article covers the following:

・Who are the 10 Niki?

・What are the profiles of the 10 Niki’s realnames, ages, heights, etc.?

・What are the origins and jobs (occupations) of the 10 Niki?

Well, let’s go next time!

Who are the 10 Niki and what is their origin?

First of all, you may be wondering who the 10 Niki are.

I’ve put together some information so let’s take a look.

・Nickname: 10 Niki
・Martial arts experience: None
・Catchphrase: If you drop me, I won’t see you

10 Niki was my nickname.

The reason why Mr. Suzuki is called 10 Niki is as follows.

It all started when I appeared on Breaking Down.

The origin of his nickname is that he won a fight against 10 people.

Niki seems to come from “aniki”.

Even so, the catchphrase is quite strong and interesting!

After all, it’s amazing that “I once beat up every opponent with a weapon in a 1v10 match.”
That’s quite an episode lol

I thought he was a strong martial arts expert because of his amazing history of bravery, but it turned out that he had no experience in martial arts.

I wonder if it’s because he has developed strength through fighting alone.

After hearing all this, I get the impression that he is not an ordinary person, and I have high expectations for him.

Of course, after hearing all this, I’m suddenly interested lol

It’s only natural that you want to watch sparring ♬

However, at the audition, he was instantly killed by Nikken-kun a few seconds after telling his story of heroism.
The first time, I was knocked out and sent to the hospital.

Eh, it’s extremely weak! Σ(゚д゚llll)

I think many people were shocked.

Because of this gap and how interesting he was, he was called the “Pin Comedian.”

The episode that 10 Niki talks about after being instantly killed by Nikken-kun is really funny.

After that, they sparred again at the audition for Breaking Down 5.

He decided to fight against Okayama’s Son Goku, an unknown athlete at the time, “Sora Nobuhara”.

Even in this second sparring match, it was an instant kill.

At this time, I had suffered a fracture of the fundus below my eye.

After sparring, he tries to go to the hospital by himself but can’t make it.

They sought help from a pharmacy along the way and managed to escape.

Apparently Breaking Down staff won’t accompany you unless you faint.

People’s lives are at stake in this area, so I would like to see improvements made.

However, through this audition where I put my body on the line, I built a brand called “10 Niki”,
I can’t deny the feeling that his name spread ahead of him in a way he did not wish for.

In the end, I ended up creating a new story of heroism through the audition.

I’m really looking forward to the future activities of 10 Niki!

Profile of 10 Niki including real name, age, height, etc.

I talked about who the 10 Niki are earlier, but I’m sure you’re curious about their more detailed profiles!

After researching, I found the following information:

Real name: Daisuke Suzuki
Age: 23 years old
Height: 178cm

His real name is Daisuke Suzuki.

I’m 23 years old…

It was also revealed at the audition.

Actually, I’m quite young.

At first glance, he has the dignity of a 30-year-old,

When I first learned about it, I was really shocked.

As for height, the average height of Japanese adult men is around 172cm, so178cm is taller than average.

At such a young age, four years ago when he was 19 years old, he was able to beat up 10 people with weapons, and he must be really strong.

It’s scary in many ways (lol)

That was the profile of 10 Niki people.

What are the origins and jobs (occupations) of the 10 Niki?

Now that we know their profiles, we would like to dig deeper into 10 Niki.

You may be wondering where this strong man was born.

When I looked into it, I found out that she revealed her birthplace in a conversation with Mirai Asakura!

10 Niki Daisuke Suzuki is from Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.

I love Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, where 10 people were born.

Also, since he is 23 years old, I am curious about what kind of work he usually does.

This was also revealed in the interview.

He is also interested in the solar power generation business and apparel-related fields.

Currently, he does not have a regular job and occasionally does temporary work.

Regarding her future, she said that she wants to become a successful person like Mirai Asakura and someone who can give opportunities to others!

He also said that he would like to help his mother, who is in poor health, survive solely on the allowance she receives.

Unlike my impression at the audition, I can feel the purity and kindness of a 23-year-old young man.

I think there are many people who became 10 Niki fans after watching this conversation.

It’s a wonderful dream and I hope it comes true!

By the way, when Nikken-kun had a match in Sendai,10 people visited Niki and filmed a collaborative video of their conversation.

This kind of later connection is what makes Breaking Down so good.


This time, we introduced Daisuke Suzuki, also known as 10 Niki, who has an amazing story of bravery!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of growth he will show in the future through Breaking Down.

Keep an eye on the future activities of the 10 Niki!

Suzuki is also on TikTok and YouTube, so please check them out♪


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